The Whiteaker Community Market was established in 2016 addressing the need for a gathering space that supports and shares the unique and creative talents of the Whiteaker. The 2016 season saw the formation of a remarkable community made up of diverse artists, artisans, farmers, musicians, activists, and all other types of Whiteaker neighbors. We cannot wait to further grow this community in 2017, now located at the corner of 2nd & Van Buren.



At the Whiteaker Community Market we celebrate the radical roots of our neighborhood. Our logo's pirate skull, inspired by the Whiteaker Flag, stands for the letting-go of a non-transparent government and economy by holding onto tangible and hyper-local needs and goods made by and for this very neighborhood. We carry these roots into 2017 so that community members can continue to explore these needs and goods in an approachable economic environment. We foresee that this market will help the important roots of the neighborhood to stay genuine, strong, and grounded despite threats of the encroaching possibility of  negative political, economic, and social change. 



  • Affordable exchange of local and quality craft, food, art, and produce

  • Local music through a weekly open-mic and a featured musician

  • Community workshops to share skills, stories, and wisdom

  • Whiteaker Community Library & local publication distribution

  • Whiteaker food system hub with local food & farmers, and food stamp accessibility

  • A Sunday gathering place for Whiteaker neighbors

  • You and your ideas

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Eugene Weekly: Here Comes the Neighborhood

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